Types of lemons’ value (20) 

1.Exhaustion by drinking lemon juice
Particularly what occurs in the human body
It can forestall sicknesses that happen in the midsection,

  1. In the event that you add a little sugar to lemon squeeze and drink a ton, you will get food contamination. Alcohol poison It alleviates opium intoxication pain.
  2. Assuming you upchuck in the wake of eating
    Drink new lemon juice.
  3. Assuming you drink lemon juice with sugar in the body
    Slick hack, frail bile;
    Dispose of body joint agony.
  4. Sugar in lemon juice, morning/night each time
    On the off chance that you drink it, it will fix the draining from the tooth.
  5. Drink lemon squeeze consistently
    Tipsiness that occurs during work. Being inept
    It makes it vanish.
  6. Eating the strip of a crude lemon will fix fart/indigestion.
  7. Tingling agony The presence of dark spots on the skin. On the off chance that the hair drops out, you should rub it with a lemon wedge.
  8. Consuming lemon curd with rice consistently fixes enormous spleen sickness.
  9. A few licks of warm honey and lemon juice every day will soothe a sore throat.
  10. Prepare a lemon and cloves
    It is attached with a blossom and given a lot in the gums
    Dispose of toothache.
  11. Weaken pee medication (Customary Medication No. 21) and lemon squeeze and drink it to let the agony free from urinary maintenance.
  12. Set up the lemon strip with water each day and night
    Drink it to fix fever.
  13. 5 kyats of lemon strip 75 Kyats of water and half
    Bubble one cup (around 2 kyats)
    In the event that you drink it 2 times each day, you can dispose of tenacious fever.
  14. acid reflux blow tooting Despite the fact that it was loaded with air
    2 dried ginger powder Drudgery 4 sesame seeds into powder. Lemon juice
    what’s more, drink it three times each day to fix it.
  15. Drinking sweet lemon juice Heart palpitations by licking lemon squeeze and salt. throbbing Reduces fatigue and dizziness.
  16. Assuming you are tipsy, take in lemon.
  17. Imprints that develop on the head, On the off chance that ticks are available, rub the head with a lemon strip.
    You can likewise rub irritated regions, and for ladies, add lemon strip to your cleanser
    You can wash your hair.
  18. Grind lemon seeds and put them on top.
    You will urinate happily if you sprinkle some rice syrup on it.
  19. Assuming you make salted lemon and eat it with each dinner
    The breeze brought about by the breeze, asthma blow
    fart Can forestall any stomach illness
    It is an exceptionally protected food.


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